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In a story as old as prohibition, Funky Picnic started with a group of friends brewing in a garage. You know that old saying, "It's all fun and games until someone gets really into beer science and spends all their hard-earned cash on shiny new equipment"?
Yeah, that escalated quickly.

Built upon a shared love of beer, bread, and the great outdoors, Funky Picnic encourages you to always seek adventure—whether it's trying a challenging hike or a brand-new beer style. We see beer as a path to creativity and community, which is why we work with local artists and producers to furnish the funky, industrial, earthy interior of our family-friendly brewpub. So what’s on tap? We believe in mastering classic styles as well as off-the-wall ideas, serving up a constantly rotating lineup of brews. And because no picnic is complete without food, we have a full kitchen offering house-made artisan sandwiches, sides, and desserts.


Samantha Glenn (Co-Founder & General Manager)

Sam has had a passion for craft beer since college, and a passion for tight-knit communities like Fort Worth since she was a wee-one in small-town Texas. Running a brewpub should come naturally to her, thanks to years of production management at Alcon Labs. She works harder than almost anyone we know, but she also plays hard. In her not-so-copious free time, she loves to hike, backpack, kayak, slackline, rock climb, play frisbee, and travel the world. She will be involved full-time with Funky Picnic, combining her management and brewing experience to ensure a cohesive marriage of food and beers—and helping people expand their perception of craft beer.



Collin got his start in craft beer while homebrewing with friends in Austin during college and hasn’t looked back ever since. He has extensive beer and brewing industry knowledge, having organized and led several beer dinners at Joyce & Gigi's Kitchen, and having created 70+ different pairings between craft beer and home-cooked meals. He volunteers at several local breweries, and has written professional beer articles for I Live In Dallas and Collin has also achieved his Level II Certified Cicerone ® certification and is is also a Certified BJCP Beer Judge. When he's not thinking about beer, he likes to hike, fish, and spend time with his wife, Taylor, and dog, Rocco.


Jenni hanley & John Koch (Co-Founders)

In addition to providing in-depth knowledge of the brewing process and developing award-winning recipes, Jenni and John provided their garage, affectionately called—what else?—The Fort. In their day jobs, Jenni works in retail advertising and John is a software engineer for Lockheed Martin. For Funky Picnic, they consult in both marketing strategies and equipment build-out/maintenance, plus continuing to develop recipes in collaboration with our head brewer. Their side hustles include kickball, snowboarding, adventure travel, obsessing over American Ninja Warrior, and—most recently—wrangling their toddler, Fiona.



Our drum-playing, mariachi-loving head brewer studied at the American Brewers Guild in 2013, and he's passionate about classic techniques but also loves to experiment with new styles and terroir-based ingredients. When he's not knee-deep in spent grain, you can find him at home with his wife, cats, and pet tortoise—or perhaps bingeing on Gilmore Girls episodes and reminiscing about his brief career as a radio DJ.

Josh Rangel (Chef manager)

Our chef is an all-around restaurant ninja and taco connoisseur who’s been in the industry for over 10 years. When he’s not in the kitchen, he loves to spend time with his wife, Brooke, and his teddy bear, Chewy. (Disclaimer: not a stuffed animal, but a cuddly shih tzu–bichon frise mix.) Any gamers out there? Follow him at RawfleMyWaffle on PS4 and Xbox1.



401 Bryan Avenue, Ste. 117
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Wednesday–saturday 11am-10pm
sunday 10am–8pm


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